What’s Increasing Demand For Cold Forged Auto Parts

What’s Increasing Demand For Cold Forged Auto Parts

Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the demand for cold forging auto parts. The cold forging technology has also gained popularity in the market during the same time. But are most of the auto parts being cold forged instead of the traditional hot forging?

It is because of the numerous benefits that these parts offer over the traditional options. Though hot forging auto parts are still going on, old forging is quickly taking over. Here are some of the reasons why this demand is on the rise:

Good Quality

Good quality is definitely the reason why most people are going for these machine parts. There are many ways that cold forging is giving better quality than other forging techniques. One of them is the production of near shape products. This is a very important factor to consider. Cold forging parts do not require a lot of finishing. They are almost perfect direct from punching. The properties of the metal being formed are also maintained. So the product is as good as the original metal that formed it.

More Affordable

The other thing that’s making cold forging auto parts popular is affordability. You will definitely like the fact that cold forged parts tend to be cheaper than hot forged parts of the same use. That’s something most people like about these parts. Because of the cheaper production cost, the overall cost of the parts is lower. Everyone wants to spend as little as they can without compromising quality. That’s another reason why the demand for cold forging auto parts is growing.

Better Mechanical Properties

No doubt that cold forging auto parts offer better mechanical properties. You will like the fact that cold forging produces some of the hardest parts direct from the punching machine. The metal grains are less disrupted during the cold forging process, and that’s how pars are able to maintain better mechanical properties. With better strength and hardness, then you can expect the auto parts to last for a longer time.

Superior Dimension Control

Last but not least is the superior dimension control. Cold forging can produce even the most delicate shapes you can think of. Some of the auto car parts are designed with 3D features, which makes it a bit difficult for the other forging techniques to produce. But it’s possible with the cold forging technology.